Rules & Regulations

These rules apply to all racers running in the Hot Rod Class at MRP, and will apply to all members of the Hot Rod Racers Association running any of their events at MRP.

  1. Rules are the same as for the PRO class in the NHRA Rulebook, with the exception that vehicles may run 7.50 to 15.99 seconds.
  2. Any car running 10.99 or quicker must use a locking type dipstick on the transmission.
  3. A Transmission blanket is required on any car running 10.99 or quicker.
  4. No electronics are allowed, the same as in PRO class, other than a 2 step rev limiter an approved tranny brake and an automated shifter. NO Delay Boxes. Delay boxes must be completely disconnected and removed from the vehicle.
  5. Vehicles must be 1968 or older.
  6. SFI approved Roll Cage Padding required when running 9.99 or quicker, or on any vehicle requiring a roll cage.
  7. As of January 1st, 2017, all M2005 helmets are expired.