Welcome to the 2017 Race Season!

The first race for the Hot Rod Racers Association is the weekend of April 8 and 9. It is a single header however currently the weather doesn’t look promising.

If we do race, there will be a track meeting on Saturday. Be sure and attend as there will be information that applies to all racers.

If you also ran in one of the NHRA classes and were part of Team on a Mission in the past three years, they will be completing the gold card races for Woodburn, Boise and Mission. The races are suppose to happen on the April 8/9 weekend. If they are not able to complete the races, all the names of the attendees will be put in a hat and a draw for the gold card will be held.

The President for the 2017 race season is Larry Rhodenizer. The Treasurer is Silvia Hoogstins.

This year the ladder will be posted at Larry’s trailer so you can see who you are racing round by round. Larry’s trailer is located at the fence near the first exit from the left lane. We will also be looking at laddering from round one regardless of the number of vehicles.

If you run electronics, they must be disconnected and visible in order to run in Hot Rod.

We are also still looking for race and series sponsors.

Hope to see everyone on April 8/9, 2017